The patented transport system by ROLLMOD

Roller hearths are used on production lines to achieve an even warming of manufactured components without any great loss of heat. Conveyor systems with single-layer feeds, small divisions and small roller diameters are suitable for such uses. The technological challenge in this regard is to solve problems of design and function regarding the drives, the storage and sealings on the inert-gas rollers that are made from heat-resistant steel or ceramic materials. The patented ROLLMOD systems have combined these design elements in exchangeable modules and have thus created a maintenance-friendly, precise and low-cost unit.

Classical transport system in conventional roller hearths

Classical transport system in conventional roller hearths

These usually possess the following characteristics that allow them to transport heavy batch carriers and production components as a unit:

  • Metal rollers: D > 100 mm
  • T/D ratio: > 2

Optimized roller hearth with ROLLMOD transport modules

Optimized roller hearth with ROLLMOD transport modules

Heavy batch carriers are no longer required. The production components are placed directly on the ROLLMOD transport modules and conveyed either individually or on light batch carriers through the roller hearths.


  • Ceramic rollers: D also < 60 mm
  • T/D ratio: < 2 is possible

Heating and process control

The hearths may be heated by radiator pipes above and below the roller conveyors using electric heating cartridges or recuperation burners. Performances and maximum temperatures are adapted to customer specifications. The ROLLMOD module drives may be connected to all modern controls used in production lines. The controls handle operations with inert gas (hydrogen) or reactive gases (e.g. with controlled C-potential using lambda or oxygen sensors) and regulate temperatures, roller speeds and the speed conveyor.

Throughput may be set and adapted to fixed cycles at almost any speed. This also applies to the optional, photoelectric-sensor controlled speed conveyors at the hearths' entrances and exits.