Succeeding on the market since 1989.
Innovative. High-performing. Customer-oriented.

ROLLMOD GmbH is a medium-sized proprietor-run company that has been operating successfully on the market since 1989. ROLLMOD has specialized in production systems and components for high-temperature production processes. It focuses primarily on transport systems for roller hearths and such auxiliary components as quenching systems and inert-gas generators.

ROLLMOD's activities include system development, production, sales and services at both national and international levels. The company is based in Renningen in the greater Stuttgart area. This is where development and design along with assembly, maintenance and logistics are located. A competent and highly motivated team develops and produces innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technological progress to meet concrete customer requirements.

For over 20 years, ROLLMOD has been manufacturing top-class systems, modules and components that perform reliably and efficiently in the very demanding conditions of production that exist at high-temperature manufacturing lines. International sales are supported by branches in Germany, Europe and the USA. ROLLMOD GmbH's various departments provide exemplary consulting, planning, manufacturing and support services.

Straightforward, results-oriented and aware of their responsibilities ... in their work, these professional units engage very closely with customers and cooperate with them on an equal footing. It is in this way that high-quality products and precision, functionally sophisticated system solutions are created – solutions that are appreciated and popular on markets all over the world.