• Drive, rollers, insulation and inert-gas seal combined in compact modules
  • Absolutely gastight design
  • Torsion-free roller drive
  • Steel-, oxide- and non-oxide-ceramic transport rollers may be used
  • Precision adjustment of the drive units through proven modular design
  • Simple maintenance through the replacement modules
  • Precision transport using stepper motors
  • Small roller division for placing the parts directly on to the rollers

Technical data

Transport speed Adjustable from 2 mm/s to 250 m/s
Max. surface load 300 kg/m²
Hearth length 2 to 7 m
Effective depth Max. 80 mm
Roller material Ceramics, quartz, steel
Standard roller division 20 or 25 mm
Roller diameter 17 or 21 mm
Effective width 500 or 700 mm
Frame width 1,000 or 1,400 mm

Other versions may be realized at any time in coordination with our works in Renningen.

As of 09/2010 – Subject to change due to technical progress