ROLLMOD high-temperature transport systems

ROLLMOD Module Type A

The standard module for smallest roller divisions

The ROLLMOD modules possess precision and individually inspected rollers usually made from advanced ceramics possessing highly effective insulation and inert-gas seals as well as a robust gear housing, a connecting flange and a reliable drive motor for continuously transporting components to fixed-cycle operations with individual speed controls.


  • Drive, rollers, insulation and inert-gas seal combined in compact modules
  • Absolutely gastight design
  • Torsion-free roller drive
  • Steel-, oxide- and non-oxide-ceramic transport rollers may be used
  • Precision adjustment of the drive units through proven modular design
  • Simple maintenance through the replacement modules
  • Precision transport using stepper motors
  • Small roller division for placing the parts directly on to the rollers

Technical data

As of 09/2010 – Subject to change due to technical progress

Transport speed: Adjustable from 2 mm/s to 250 m/s
Max. surface load: 300 kg/m²
Hearth length: 2 to 7 m
Effective depth: Max. 80 mm
Roller material: Ceramics, quartz, steel
Standard roller division: 20 or 25 mm
Roller diameter: 17 or 21 mm
Effective width: 500 or 700 mm
Frame width: 1,000 or 1,400 mm

Other versions may be realized at any time in coordination with our works in Renningen.

A sample selection of typical production components conveyed on the ROLLMOD transport systems through our customers’ roller hearths.

The rollers only have to cool down to 500° C before they may be cleaned or in the event of malfunctions – the module changed – and production may recommence within the shortest of times.


More information and technical details is available in our leaflets and brochures:

“ROLLMOD High-Temperature Transport Systems” brochure (PDF)