ROLLMOD high-temperature transport systems

ROLLMOD provides sophisticated system solutions.

Our products focus primarily on transport systems for roller hearths and automatic heat treatment in production lines. For over 20 years, ROLLMOD has been manufacturing top-class systems, modules and components that perform reliably and efficiently in the very demanding conditions of production that exist at high-temperature manufacturing lines. With our cross-discipline know-how, we are able to flexibly adapt to customers’ individual demands.

ROLLMOD Module Type A

Our Module Type A with smallest roller division for transporting small components from 40 mm in diameter without trays. Simple maintenance through proven modular designs for drive, storage, insulation and inert-gas seals.

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ROLLMOD Module Type B

Our Module Type B for optimized production processes convinces with its low-cost modular design using low-maintenance single drives for hearths with rollers up to 60 mm in diameter and widths of up to 3,000 mm.

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GASoFORM quenching system

The alternative to hardening ring- and disc-shaped series-produced components with oil. The overall costs for hardening series-produced parts using this technology are considerably lower than for conventional oil hardening.